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SQLfly is a database management, schema/system compare, database quality reports and database query tool to make every day work more productive. Currently supports ORACLE Databases (Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g).

SQLfly Desktop

Key features:

  • Schema CompareCompare & generate interactive HTML report of all schema matches/mismatches. Compare one source schema with many target schemas.
  • System ComparePerform system level compare like tablespaces, role compare etc across many databases.
  • Database Quality ReportsGenerate interactive HTML reports contains many pre-defined database quality reports. Users can also create their own reports.
  • DB MonitorMonitor database sessions, Locks, Waits etc.
  • Powerful DB SearchPowerful SQLfly search engine to search database objects and drill-down to detail level including object types and other details.
  • SQL EditorAn User-friendly query tool with many new features including SAFE MODE query option to avoid destructive actions.
  • Database ExplorerBrowse database objects; Quick and Detail views; Find recent changes to your database, Mark Favorites, Extract DDL, Print results etc.

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SQLfly Enterprise Mobile

  • Now a days, it's absolutely necessary to access the data from anywhere at any time as business always demands very quick responses.
  • Also, the database administrators/developers are in need to resolve problems as quickly as possible.
  • SQLfly Enterprise Mobile product allows users to connect to Oracle database from any Mobile devices like iOS/Android tablets/mobile phones.

It's easy to start using SQLfly Enterprise Mobile.

  • Contact SQLfly support team () to install SQLFLY Enterprise Mobile product server component in your enterprise.
  • Download SQLfly Mobile client available in iOS (Apple App Store)/Android store (Google Play).
  • Configure your enterprise Web Server path and start connecting to your database!

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