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SQLfly Enterprise Mobile

Now a days, it's absolutely necessary to access the data from anywhere at any time as business always demands very quick responses.

Also, the database administrators/developers are in need to resolve problems as quickly as possible.

SQLFLY Enterprise Mobile product allows users to connect to Oracle database from any Mobile devices like iOS/Android tablets/mobile phones.

SQLFLY Enterprise mobile allows users to:

  • Connect to database from a tablet/mobile phones same as desktop based database tools through firewall/VPN.
  • Explore all type of the database objects.

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  • Perform many actions on each database object like disable constraint / rename / drop objects / Truncate / Tablespaces management etc.,
  • Manage system objects like Tablespaces, Roles, Groups, Init parameters etc.,
  • SQL Editor allows to query the database.
  • DB Monitor helps to monitor the sessions, locks, CPU usage, Top SQLs etc.,
  • User friendly Schema browser to generate DDLs and perform several database related tasks including generating insert statements etc.,

SQLFLY Enterprise Mobile provides most of the features that is available in any desktop database tools. It provides a better user management to control users to perform only limited actions or use only limited features. No information is stored in a mobile devise that reduces risk of others exploring data.

High-level architecture:

High-level architecture

It's easy to start using SQLFLY Enterprise Mobile.

  • Contact SQLFLY support team () to install SQLFLY Enterprise Mobile product server component in your enterprise.
  • Download SQLFLY Mobile client available in iOS (Apple App Store)/Android store (Google Play).

       App Store Google Play Store

  • Configure your enterprise Web Server path and start connecting to your database!

Please for commercial use licenses. ()